AFC Franchise Corporation

19700 Mariner Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503
Inquires: 310-604-3200

IDDBA: Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. exhibit at the 2017 International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association (IDDBA) trade-show—Anaheim, CA

In 2017, we showcased exciting offerings in four main categories—Sushi, Curry, Tempura, Teppanyaki. Our sushi station featured Hawaiian Poke Bowls, Chirashi Bowls, Sushi Party Trays, and a truly unique Sushi Cake. The curry station presented Japanese Curry, which unlike other regional curries, has a more delicate flavor with just a hint of spice and a smoother consistency. Curry entrees are served with rice and a variety of options, such as vegetables, fried shrimp, and Karaage chicken (Japanese style fried chicken). Our tempura station presented various styles of tempura, from the well-known shrimp and vegetable tempuras to the exotic kagiage tempura, a patty style tempura made with edamame and mixed vegetables. Finally, our teppanyaki station presented the popular Japanese style of cooking on a hot steel griddle. The main attractions included grilled dumplings, yakisoba (Japanese style stir-fried noodles) and okonomiyaki, a lightly fried Japanese delicacy akin to pizza, made with a wide assortment of ingredients.