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IDDBA: Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. exhibit at the 2019 International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association (IDDBA) trade-show—Orlando, FL

We continued to showcase our ability for innovation at the 2019 IDDBA trade show, starting with a completely redesigned booth in a sleek, contemporary style, that featured even more striking visual elements than our past booths. One of our newest creations on display was the Pastrami Roll, which is our take on the quintessential deli sandwich. Visitors were delighted by a new way to enjoy this sandwich as a sushi roll; packed with flavor from savory pastrami, tart pickles, and tangy mustard! The versatility of pastrami was further exemplified in our sushi inspired wraps, offered with either soy or tapioca based wraps.

This year we also introduced more choices for our convenient, Asian comfort foods. Our classic rice bowls are served with popular flavors including beef, pork, and chicken, while our Fusion Bowl product line is served with lighter fare such as chicken breast, salmon, and additional varieties of vegetables. Representing the pinnacle of culinary innovation, we also proudly demonstrated our Asian BBQ Beef and Ramen product lines, designed to be merchandised cold and then heated prior to consumption using inner trays that are provided in the product’s packaging. After heating, the cold ingredients are simply combined into the bowl, and the meal is ready to be enjoyed. Our Ramen product line is a deliciously warm meal, available in multiple flavors of broth and various topping options—it is truly the soul food of Japan!

We are currently working on rebranding our food service counters to a more modern style. At this year’s show, we previewed AFC’s new and in-development branding for the college and university segment. Going forward, we will continue to rebrand our food service counters in the rest of our industry segments.